Sites to practise English for FREE!

When you’ve got a bit of free time, instead of just wasting it looking on Facebook and Instagram here are some sites that you can use that will help you to improve your English.
Different sites will help you with different skills, so have a read of the description and see what you think.

This is a site produced by Cambridge and will help you with your writer. It has a very complicated algorithm system that is able to give you INSTANT feedback on your writing. Furthermore, it will also tell you what level your writing is according to the CEFR for languages (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2).
There is also a section dedicated to the IELTS exam and the FCE, as well as lots of other cool features to discover. There is a paid version too where you obviously get more, but the free system also offers a lot!

This is for people that love TV series... and especially for those that don’t have a Netflix account! It allows you to watch TV series in English and gives you the subtitles. What’s more is that it gives you the possibility to save new words learned to a dictionary, so you can keep all new words in one place.

This website can do everything for you if you find the right person. It allows you to search for a language exchange partner, so you put in your native language and the language you are learning, then search for someone in the opposite position.
For example, if you’re learning Italian and you are English, you will find English people learning Italian that need someone to practise with. You can search for people by location, so you can find people in your city. If you live in a very small city, don’t worry, as you can still connect with people through Skype and build relationships in the same way!
Finding a serious language exchange parter can enable you to get free speaking practise and also work on all the other skills. What’s more is that you will also learn about the culture of the language you are studying!

This site is absolutely brilliant for helping you consolidate new phrases that you hear. You type in a word, expression or phrase that you’ve heard then finds numerous videos on the internet of people using it.
The great thing is that you will hear this new vocabulary in different contexts and when you listen to it, it is presented by different people with different accents. This will enable you to recognise it much easier and also give you more confidence when using it.

If you’re a reader and you sometimes have difficulty understanding written English, then don’t worry anymore! This website changes complicated English into easy English. It also tells you what part of speech each word it (whether it’s a verb, noun, adjective, etc) and have some great tools to help improve your vocabulary.

Probably the most fun on the website! If you’ve never heard of it before, ‘Couch Surfing’ is when you let tourists come and sleep on your couch for free, or you sleep on someone else’s couch for free when you’re travelling.
If you’re not interested in ‘surfing a couch’, don’t worry, as that is not the only function. The best thing about the site is that it tells you where you can find international meet-ups where (nearly) everyone speaks English. Search for the nearest event to you and go along and enjoy speaking to people from all over the world in English.

This is for people that like songs. Learning the lyrics to songs is a great way to improve vocabulary and pronunciation, but this website will also help you improve your listening skills. You listen to a song and it asks you to insert the words that you hear so that you can move to the next question. Be careful though, as it can be very difficult, so we would suggest starting on ‘beginner’ mode!

This website (and app) will help you improve your vocabulary by learning chunks. A chunk is a group of words that usually found together (for example “in my opinion” is a chunk of language).
You are presented with a specific phrase and you need to fill in the missing word. The best thing is that it gives you the translation in your own language, so it will help you to quickly recall words in your brain.
Once you get to a certain point, you can then switch off the translation. The audio is included as well, so it also helps with your listening skills.

This is a great site that helps you to distinguish between those words which you think sound the same, such as ‘ship’ and ‘ship’, or ‘beach’ and ‘bit...’ you understand!

There are over 1000 videos on this site where native teachers give lessons about grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, exams and much more. You can search for the type of lesson you are interested in and you can also follow specific teachers, as each teacher has his / her own channel. Have a look through and find a teacher that you like, then watch as many as the lessons as you can!

Final Thought:
Have a play around with the websites, you won’t like all of them, but you will definitely like one or two. Once you find something you like, do a lot of it! You can also find some more websites and apps here on our website: