Useful online activities


General Resources

All of these sites have a variety of activities for different levels:

Practice activities for students at IH Palermo to do at home or at school.

A great selection of different activities you can access at school, including exam practice, English for Work and English for Doctors.

Online activities to match our course book, from beginner to upper-intermediate.

More activities from a popular student's book, from beginner to advanced.

Interesting articles, videos and drama, as well as grammar and vocabulary.

Grammar and vocabulary, reading and listening with an insight into UK culture.

Free English lessons online.

Free English video lessons online.

A free app to help you learn languages. Great for lower levels.

English Language exercises from the University of Victoria.

Grammar and Vocabulary Quizzes.

Find courses about English, or study other subjects in English. (Recommended for higher levels.)

Interactive games to practise a variety of structures.

Grammar practice exercises on different topics.

Free English lessons every day.

Short activities to practise different areas of language.

An alternative way to learn English

TubeQuizard, Instant quizzes for any subtitled Youtube video


Great listening practice for lower levels.

Short listening texts for Intermediate students. Great if you don't have much time!

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International house language centre
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