Guided Study & Study Support

Instructions for using your Guided Study and Record of Work Form

If you didn't find it in your book, please take your copy at reception or download it here and print it.

Add your activities to the Guided Study and Study Support form.
This form will show a record of your work to your teacher.

What activities should I write in my Guided Study form?

R = Reading, L = Listening, S = Speaking, W= Writing, G = Grammar, P = Pronunciation, V = video, CC = Conversation Club, LL = Language Lab, PT = Progress Test, E = Exam Preparation, Other (please specify)

  • Any language practice your teacher recommends
  • Your progress test
  • Your Conversation Club and Language Lab sessions
  • Any language practice you choose to do independently, this includes, watching videos in English, reading, doing writing practice, completing online language activities and so on. At the bottom of your GS